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Submit Coupons FAQ:

Q: Why would not the coupon I submitted display to your website?

A: Your submission can also have been filtered because of duplication or low nice. if your coupon has already been submitted via a person else, it’ll now not be displayed. moreover, we’ve stringent requirements for coupon best, which means most effective 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac coupons might be approved and displayed on our website.

Q: What Is the Submission Restriction per Day?

A: you may post coupons up to 5 times every 24 hours.

Q: Why Did My Submission Fail?

A: To efficaciously post a chit, you must efficiently fill out all required fields.

Q: What Are the Blessings of Filing a Chit?

A: if your coupon is legitimate and has not already been submitted, it will likely be displayed on our website. you can also proportion it together with your buddies by using travelling the “My Submissions” page and become a chit Superhero!